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Server Installation

Download from Website

The Metamug Console can be downloaded from as a zip or tar file in the case of Linux. You can select the appropriate version depending on your operating system.

Connect using SSH

If you are connecting to your remote server using PuTTY or ssh terminal, you can make use of wget the command to directly download the zip/tar file. If you follow the guide for AWS EC2 SSH access or CPanel SSH access depending on whether your server is hosted on AWS cloud or CPanel based hosting.

Download from CloudFront and Run

Code Block
mkdir api-server
cd api-server

tar -xvf metamug-linux-x64-1.5.6.tar.gz

cd metamug-linux-x64-1.5.6/METAMUG_CONSOLE/bin

sudo sh start


You can navigate to METAMUG_CONSOLE/bin folder for starting/stopping the server.

How to start/stop the server

The console runs as a server and can be started using the following commands:

For Windows

Navigate to the \bin folder and run the following


Code Block

For Mac/Linux

Navigate to the /bin folder and run the following


Note: The above scripts can be executed using sh instead of bash but we do not recommend doing so as the sh command may not completely run all the required scripts and may cause unpredictable behaviour.

Setting heap size for Java runtime

For Windows, Open /bin/setenv.bat and locate the following line in the file


Code Block


Point your browser at http://localhost:7000/console You should see the launch page of Metamug.


Common Problems

A common startup problem is when another program has claimed port 7000, which Metamug is configured to run on by default. To avoid this port conflict, Metamug's port can be changed in conf/server.xml.

If you encounter any problems, please create a support request at:

Start Building REST APIs

Once you get the Metamug Console running, you can create a backend connected to your database, save a resource and your REST API will be deployed within seconds!


Read this for more on making API requests.


Ask at Stackoverflow for Metamug: